The Claudia Skirt

This is another pattern from Simply Sewing magazine and I used the same cotton lawn as I did for the Sofia Dress but in a different colour, this is sadly another failure! My waist is much smaller than my hips so I’m not sure a wrap skirt would ever work for my body shape, or perhaps I needed to make my darts larger to bring the waist measurement in. Being inexperienced though, I wasn’t to know that and I made it as per the pattern with no adjustments. So although it fitted round the hips, the waistband stuck out by a lot. I tried to correct it by putting in some darts which just made it look messy and it was also too short in length. It is now in the scrap fabric tub!

Another learning experience though, I made a couple of mistakes with the positioning of the buttons and ties which taught me about where things need to be for a wrap skirt. I will have another go at this some time in a different fabric and make it longer.

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