The Craft Room

So, after sewing on the kitchen table for long enough, I decided that I would turn the spare bedroom into my craft space. There is no bed in it, as since I had some fitted wardrobes built a few years ago there is no room for a permanent bed. We do have an inflatable mattress for if anyone does ever need to stay but in reality, the only person who uses the room besides me is my son who visits from London for 3 or 4 days every Christmas. For that reason alone, it was important that whatever furniture I chose had to be foldable, so that we could still make space for the mattress when needed.

With that in mind in early December 2023, I started searching and eventually came up with the Norden table from Ikea, a little more costly than I really wanted to pay but it was absolutely perfect for my needs. It folds down to a width of about 30cm so fits the brief on that count, it also has four nice deep drawers in each side of the middle section so good storage for tools and threads, it’s a good size when opened out for cutting out patterns but even only half extended it is still big enough for just sewing on. So, after a bit of deliberation and discussion with my bank account, I decided it was worth it. We drove to Ikea in Sheffield to buy it a week or two before Christmas and my wonderful partner, Patrick put it together one day whilst I was at work and also put up the Ekby shelf that I’d bought at the same time, although this had to be much higher than I had imagined due to the space we had.

It is so nice to have everything together and mostly, just to be able to go up there to my own space and spread out to work on a project, knowing that I don’t have to then clear it all away so we can eat! I mostly do clear away or at least tidy my work but sometimes it is necessary to just leave everything in situ to be able to come back to it the next day. I could possibly do with a small bookshelf in a bit of space next to the built in wardrobe for extra storage but I do have a little shelf space in the tops of the wardrobes that are already in the room, for plastic tubs of fabric, scraps, haberdashery etc., you know, all the miscellaneous paraphernalia us crafters tend to attract.

Needless to say, I absolutely adore my craft space!

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